Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who is responsible for this?

It was a bright sunny day. I got up early in the morning with heaps of hopes. It was my 5th birth day. I thought my father was there to wish me but... it was hopeless he was not there in my room and even in my home. I searched for some thing under my pillow,under my bed and on top of my cup board, for my birth day gift. But it was also hopeless because I could not find anything. Even though it was a bright sunny day . I felt that I was alone. I could remember that my father told me i would bring you a bicycle for your birth day. I don't want a bicycle dad please come to visit us. After few days there was a ceremony in our home and there was a huge black box in our veranda. There were lot of people in our place lot of them ware crying. I could see my mother was also crying near that box. I did not want to cry but.... I had to cry just because others were crying. Then after two days that black box was taken away from my home to a place called cemetery. Since I could not understand what was really happening there I asked from my mother "mother what was going on" so she said me that "your dad left all of us. he never come Just say good bye! to your dad " but I wonder what she was telling. And I didn't say good bye! because I knew for sure If my dad was there definitely he would talk to me. He never wanted hide from me. After four years time I really could understood what was happened to my dad. It's the war who took my father away. It's the war who is responsible for thousand of lives. It's the war who is responsible for millions of refugees. It's the war who took my father away.
This is based on a real story. As Sri Lankans we were lucky to defeat the war. Today all of us breathing freely under one a flag but there are thousands of people who are still suffering because of cruel war. Let's stand against war.


  1. Excellent story and concept. Terrorism has to be defeated, one way or other. Negotiations with terrorists never lead to true peace.

  2. Well Done machan That's Fantastic

  3. Wow! you have put it all in to words in an amazing way.. Simply wonderful Indunil..